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March 16, 2010

iTunes Error 3150 Downloading Podcasts

For quite a while I've been unable to download TWIT (This Week In Tech) podcasts through iTunes. When attempting to download the file, iTunes eventually timed out with the message "Stopped (err = -3150)". Very descriptive huh?

The strange thing is I continued to be able to download Macbreak Weekly and Windows Weekly with no problems. All are TWIT network podcasts, so why could I get some of them, but not the one I wanted? For a while I assumed it was a temporary issue, and others would complain, and the problem would solve itself. But after months, I still couldn't get my TWIT fix.

Eventually I learned that I had as a test enabled website blocking in my Actiontec modem/router, and used aol.com as my example blocked domain. Surely nothing of value comes from there, right? ;) As it turns out, TWIT uses AOL as a bandwidth provider (as Leo notes at the begining of every episode), and by blocking AOL, I was unable retrieve anything from the domain. Macbreak Weekly and Windows Weekly use other bandwidth providers such as CacheFly, and therefore were unaffected.

So if you've got the same problem, check your router for any blocking features, or any blocking software installed on your PC. Fail that, check with your ISP.

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