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March 2, 2009

Liquid Hydrocarbon Conversion

Oil Barrel
Creating a web based volume conversion utility has provided an excellent chance to try out the Google App Engine. And while there are plenty of websites that can provide simple volume conversions (including the Google Calculator), there are few that allow for the units of measurement used with liquid hydrocarbons.


The utility provides the following conversions:
barrels to mcf (thousand cubic feet)
barrels to gallons
barrels to ft3 (cubic feet)
barrels to m3 (cubic meters)
barrels to liters
mcf to barrels
mcf to gallons
mcf to ft3 (cubic feet)
mcf to m3 (cubic meters)
mcf to liters
gallons to barrels
gallons to mcf (thousand cubic feet)
gallons to ft3 (cubic feet)
gallons to m3 (cubic meters)
gallons to liters
ft3 to barrels
ft3 to mcf (thousand cubic feet)
ft3 to gallons
ft3 to m3 (cubic meters)
ft3 to liters
m3 to barrels
m3 to mcf (thousand cubic feet)
m3 to gallons
m3 to ft3 (cubic feet)
m3 to liters
liters to barrels
liters to mcf (thousand cubic feet)
liters to gallons
liters to ft3 (cubic feet)
liters to m3 (cubic meters)

Anything missing? Please contact me at pete {at} stoltenow {dot} com.

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