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April 29, 2008

DTV Converter Box Coupons

The government has started sending out coupons for $40 off the price of a DTV turner which will allows continued use of older TVs using Antennas instead of cable or satellite. Considering the typical box will cost approximately $50, this means the government (Dept of Commerce) is subsidizing almost the entire cost of upgrading technology for you. "Perhaps not the best use of tax dollars" is my initial thought. But then you realize that the FCC made $19 billion auctioning off the radio spectrum currently used by Analog TVs, I guess it's allowable.

Although they were supposedly giving these coupons out as early as February of 2008, it didn't make much sense to get one until recently. The DTV converter boxes weren't even available in stores until maybe late March. Now a days you can stroll into your local Walmart and pick one up without a problem.

Coupons can still be requested for a limited time. Go to https://www.dtv2009.gov to do so. Below is a copy of what was sent to me when I requested 2 coupons.

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