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April 1, 2007

Low Power Computer Running High Definition MythTV

It's generally concidered that if you want to record and play back HD content in MythTV, you need at least a 2.8GHz CPU. Thanks to the miricle of XvMC and an old available system, I've been able to get a working HD MythTV setup on a 1.66GHz system, with the following Specs:

AMD Sempron 2400+
nVidia GeForce FX5200 128MB DDR AGP
pcHDTV HD-5500

Here are the settings used in MythTV under:
Home > Utilities/Setup > Setup > TV Settings > Playback
1. Deinterlace Playback Algorithm: Bob (2x framerate)
2. Preferred MPEG2 Decoder: Standard XvMC
3. Disable OpenGL vertical sync for timing

Other items that help are in the nVidia server settings. Exit out of the MythTV front end to your window manager. Then launch "nvidia-settings".
1. Disable Video Texture Adapter: Sync to VBlank
2. Disable Video Blitter Adapter: Sync to VBlank

With these settings, live TV can still be unwatchable. But when you record shows for later playback, the video is smooth with only minor hiccups occasionally. This should give hope to those wanting to build a HD MythTV system with an underpowered computer.

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