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March 1, 2007

Installing Knoppmyth with the pcHDTV HD-5500

The pcHDTV cards have become perhaps the best supported cards for MythTV, that's why I selected the HD-5500 for my Home Theater PC. Below are the steps that worked for me to get things going. This Guide is for setup of a MythTV system using the pcHDTV HD-5500 for over the air digital TV. The Knoppmyth version used is R5E50.

When you first boot the Knoppmyth CD, you'll see the grey Knoppmyth splash screen with a prompt on the bottom. It's a good idea to enter "tv" to ensure setup will continue at a resolution compatible with your tv or monitor. Do so and press enter

The first option on the Knoppmyth install menu is to test the install media. That might be good idea, you should first select that. When it has completed checking the CD, select option 3, Auto Install.

Enter the current time zone, and if necessary correct the time and date.

You'll then be given a warning (Danger, Will Robinson!), select yes.

Next enter your real name (or fake name), and select next.

Enter a user name.

Enter a password for that user, select next and do so again.

Enter a password for the root account, select next and do so again.

Next you'll need to select a hostname for the machine. The default "mythtv" is fine.

It will ask "Do you want to process with these parameters, select next.

One more warning, select yes to continue.

Another (this time for real) final warning.

Now sit back and let Knoppmyth install. When is has completed, it will prompt you for a reboot, select OK

When the CD is ejected, remove it and hit return.


When the machine reboots, you'll find a terminal window open in a GUI environment. You'll be asked for a root password.

Next, to begin the configuration of MythTV select ok.

Select the correct time zone and press OK.

If you have your computer plugged into a typical router, then you will be using DHCP to get an IP address and get internet connectivity. When prompted to use DHCP brodcast, select yes.

Next you should be seeing the blue MythTV user interface.

Select General. Go through the screens until you reach the "Global Backend Settings".

Change the TV Format to ATSC

Change the channel frequency table to us-bcast

Continue to select next through the rest of the general setup. The default selections should be fine.

Once back at the main menu, select capture cards.

Select new capture card.

Toggle through the card types and select the DVB driver. (NOT THE V4L driver even though it says pcHDTV!!!)

Select Finish. You should now see the card added to your list of capture cards ([ HDTV: /dev/video ])

Press escape to exit to the main menu

Select video sources.

You'll need to enter a unique name for your video source. For example, "myTelevision".

Next enter the data for your listings grabber. If you haven't done so already, you'll need to sign up for an account at http://labs.zap2it.com.

Finally change the Channel frequency table to us-bcast.

When done, select finish. Again, you'll need to press escape to return to the main menu.

Now select the Input Connections (item 4).

In here you'll need to select the video source you created earlier.

Now, assuming you have an antenna connected to the card, select scan for channels.

Make sure the frequency table is set to Broadcast, and the ATSC is set to Terrestrial. Then select next, and begin the scan.

When it's done scanning channels, you'll see a list of what as found. Select finish to return to the "Connect source to input" screen. Select finish here too.

At this point you will exit the MythTV interface and return to the terminal window. It's possible at this point you could returned back to the MythTV setup GUI. Just exit again.

You will be prompted for a zip code, enter your local code.

You will be asked about BootSplash, a nice looking splash screen. type in "yes" or "no".

You will be asked about your remote. Since the HD-5500 does not come with it's own remote, you'll have to acquire one separately. I highly recommend the Streamzap, in which case, everything will be configured automatically. Otherwise, enter the correct information for your remote.

You will be asked about a serial port IR Blaster. Type in "yes" or "no".

You will be asked about using RomDB which is used by MythGame. I would answer "no".

When prompted for a password for MythWeb, enter one (twice)

When promted about donating space CPU cycles to Folding@Home, make a selection.

That's it. You should now see the typical MythTV user interface. Enjoy!

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