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June 15, 2006


Are these what you'd call vodcasts? I dono. But here's some pretty off-the-wall stuff you'll enjoy.

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June 1, 2006

Getting the most out of SUSE Linux 10.1



I just started using SUSE for the first time with the release of 10.1, and it's been a real treat. But as with all Linux distributions it takes some getting used to and some customization before you feel completely at home. Below are some tips to help get the most out of SUSE 10.1.

Adding Software From Repositories

Much of my Linux experience in the past has come from using Ubuntu, where if you ever need a piece of software, you simply fire up the package management, and let it install software and it's dependencies from the Internet, automatically. By default SUSE only allows you to add additional software from your installation media, which, if you burned 5 CDs like me, can make for a lot of disc swapping. Here's what we have to do for YaST to use Internet repositories.

Fire up YaST and click on the “Installation Source” icon. Then Click on the “Add” button and select “HTTP”. For the “Server Name” Enter one of the following and click OK:


You should repeat the procedure for all three repositories. Obviously the first two are the official Novell repositories, and the third is the not so official repository where you can find all the good stuff that Novell can't just include in the distribution. This my cause some “Signature Check Failed” pop up boxes, only because SUSE can't verify that the repository is legitimate.

XGL / Compiz Desktop

If you're like me, one of the first things you want see when you install SUSE is some of that 3D desktop eye candy. The xgl installation isn't the easiest thing to do, but it's well worth the effort. You should probably attempt this before customizing and installing much else, because there's a small chance you could hose your installation and have to start from scratch. The following how-to is well written with screenshots to help guide you through the steps.


When it's all setup you can configure it by clicking on the Desktop menu and selecting “Control Center”. There should be an option for ”Desktop Effects Settings”.

Adding Flash Support to SUSE

At this point adding flash should be easy. Open up YaST, and then the “Software Management” Application. A search for “flash” should yield the Macromedia Flash plug-In. Click the little box next to it, agree the the license, and click on the “Accept” button

Adding Java Support to SUSE

Open up YaST, and then the “Software Management” application. Do a search for “sun”. It really doesn't matter if you want Java 1.4.2 or Java 1.5.0, but which ever you choose, select the base java package (java-1_X_X-sun) and the web browser Plugin package (java-1_X_X-sun-plugin). Click on “Accept” to install the packages.

Adding Windows Media Support to SUSE

Start YaST and select “Software Management”. Search for “w32”. If you included the packman.unixheads.com repository above, the windows media codecs should show up. Select the package, and click “Accept”.

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