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April 21, 2006

KnoppMyth Setup with a Hauppauge Win-TV PVR 350


I decided to start my MythTV experience using KnoppMyth because, as the website states: KnoppMyth was created to make the MythTV install "as trivial as possible". There must be hundreds of MythTV how-to-install documents out there, but no single one of them worked for me. After Piecing togeather parts from several websites, here's the instructions that I used to get KnoppMyth up and running with a PVR 350 card.

This install was done on a Pentium III 866 MHz with 256 Megs of RAM and a 120 GB Hard Drive. The version of KnoppMyth used was R5B7, which comes with MythTV 0.19.

Starting up

The first time I booted from the KnoppMyth CD, the screen went blank after I pressed enter at the Knoppix boot prompt. I figured out that the default resolution that Knoppmyth boots into is greater then the 1024x768 resolution that my LCD monitor can display. (yes, I know, but it was cheap) So at the knoppix boot prompt I entered
boot: tv
and knoppix proceeded to startup at a resolution low enough for TVs (and my ancient LCD monitor).

At one point while knoppix was starting I got the following... error: No CLE266 VGA adapter found and the computer stopped there. I rebooted and the error didn't reoccur.

If all goes well you'll soon see the blue KnoppMyth Main-Menu where is prompts you too choose an action: select 2. Auto Install

Next it asks you to set the time. Don't bother at this point, just continue on.

The next screen says "Danger, Will Robinson!" It's not our fault if this blows up your computer. Go ahead and agree.

Next it will asks you to enter your name. Do so.

Using your name, it will make up some lame user name. You can replace this with something else if you'd like.

Next enter a password for the account. Twice.

Next enter an administrator password. Twice.

Then pick a hostname. I went with the default "mythtv"

Next we have another "Are You Sure" screen. Select yes

Next another one! Alright, we get the point. Select yes

Is there no end? The author of this stuff is all about CYA. Select yes.

I ran into trouble here. The old surplus computer I purchased for this had a pair of CD Drives connected to one IDE ribbon cable and an empty ribon cable that I assumed plugged into the missing hard disk. So I used this cable to plug in my new giant hard drive. It turns out the cable that connected to the CD-ROM Drives was connected to the primary connector on the Motherboard. So the CD-ROM drives showed up as hda and hdb to knoppmyth. KnoppMyth auto install seems to only want to install on hda, and if your hard drive is something else, then too bad. So I simply switched the way the ribbon cables plug into the motherboard, and life was good.

Sit back and give it some time.

When it's done, it will say "KnoppMyth was successfully installed to hda1." select ok to reboot. Eventually it will spit out the CD. Take it out and press return.


At this point the machine will reboot into X windows enviroment with a terminal window open. It will prompt you for the root (or administrative) password that you entered earlier. Enter it.

Next you will begin the configuration. Select OK

Next it will ask you to set the time again. Didn't It already prompt us for this? Go ahead and set the correct date, time, and time zone.

The next screen will ask you to select an network device. You probably want eth0. Select OK.

Use DHCP brodcast? Hopefully you've got your box connected to some sort of router that will give it an IP. If you want to enter the internet configuration manually, select no. For the rest of us, select yes

Next it will ask if you want to install BootSplash. What is Boot splash? It seems to be a nice spash screen that is displayed during startup when using the TV out on an NVidia card. Select no, because you'll probably want to use the TV out on your expensive new 350.

Next select a remote. Pick number 16 Hauppauge

If you've purchased your 350 recently, then you will have the silver remote pictured here, the A415-HPG. If so pick c. It then uses this info to setup the lirc daemon

Do you have an IR blaster. What the heck is an IR blaster. You can learn more about it here. Basically, if you don't know what it is, you want to answer No.

Next you need yet another password for the MythTV relm. Enter it twice.

Next comes the KnoppMyth modules. i686 or the default i586. As I understand it, i586 is for computers based on the pentium pro or older. So unless you've got a reeeeal old computer, you will probably want i686.

It now takes it's time installing more things. It will take quite a bit of time creating background menu images, and after that it will take even more time to "Performing general tweaking".

Now we're in the pretty part of the setup.

Select the appropriate language.

Now we have 5 options. General, capture cards, video sources, input connections, channel editor. start with general. You can flip through these options, but there's no need to change anything.

Next select capture card.

Then press enter with "New capture card" highlighted.

In the card type toggle over to "MPEG-2 encoder card (PVR-x50, PVR-500)".

Then on the same setup screen go down to default input field and select "Tuner 0".

Now select finish and press escape to get back to the main menu.

Go into the video source setup. Give the source a name, like "Cable TV".

In the XMLTV listings grabber: at the bottom where it says channel frequecy table, pick us-cable.

Selcet finish and press escape.

Next go to the input connections.

There should be an entry named [ MPEG: /dev/video0] (Tuner 0) -> (None) Select this and press enter.

Go to the Video source feild and select the source that you created earlier. (remeber, you named it something like "Cable TV").

Now, go down to the scan for channels and press enter.

This will take you to the Scan Type screen, select next. At this point it should find all the available channels. When it's done, select finish, and then finish again, and then escape to go back to the main menu.

Now you can go into the channel editor if you want, for now, you can just skip it. You can always come back to this setup menu by running the command mythtv-setup from a terminal.

Press escape and then select ok.

Then in that terminal window, it will ask for your zip code for the weather data.

When it's done doing stuff, select watch TV! At this point you'll only be able to see it on your monitor.

In order to enable the 350's TV-out, you'll need to access a terminal. You can hit escape a few times to exit the MythTV enviroment. Open an xterm window, you should find it in the menu you get by right clicking.

Next become root. At the prompt, enter "su" and enter the correct password when it prompts you.

Now change directories to /root. At the prompt enter "cd /root".

Here's the hard part. The easy way to get the TV-out working is to run a perl script. Enter this in at the prompt, and be sure to get it right: wget http://dc1.snapperworld.net/files/mythtv/R5Beta7-pvr350.pl

You should now have the script downloaded to your machine. Run it. "perl ./R5Beta7-pvr350.pl -i" Follow the instuctions on the screen.

This script needs to be run twice, so once your machine has restarted, you'll need to repeat the last few steps. That is, exit MythTV, open a terminal window, navigate to /root, and run the script again. After it runs a second time, it will reboot your machine one final time, and when it comes back up, you'll see MythTV on your TV.


Official KnoppMyth wiki Site: http://knoppmythwiki.org

PVR Hardware Database and More: http://pvrhw.goldfish.org/

Info about using a PVR-350 with MythTV: http://www.mythtv.org/wiki/index.php/Hauppauge_PVR-350

Install with screen shots (PVR-500): http://www.bitbenderforums.com/~ralpha6/knoppmyth/knoppmythtv.htm

Script to get TV out working with the PVR-350: http://knoppmythwiki.org/index.php?page=HauppaugeThreeFiftyInstallation

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April 4, 2006


I did some more geocaching this weekend. It's probably one of the more enjoyable ways to get in shape. I go geocaching with Team Ramrod, and I've updated team's log here. Below is the team's tracker from Geocaching.com. Soon I hope to add a geocache of my own somewhere around Des Moines, IA.

Profile for AdHocRock

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