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August 27, 2005

Quote of the day

New feature: click on quote of the day to the right. It uses a a simple php script to pick out a different quote daily from a database. Now if only I had some quotes.

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August 20, 2005

Music Computer Lab

We've just completed installation of a new computer lab in the music hall at Iowa State. It's pretty slick, 15 iMac G5s, and 6 G5 towers that all connect to an Xserve via a 48 port gigabit switch. Half of the computers have Digidesign Mboxes (Mostly for Pro Tools sake) and the other half have M-Audio FastTrack USB sound I/O modules. All Machines have a 49 Key M-Audio USB MIDI keyboard. Pics below.

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August 8, 2005

Have site, need content...

With the inordinate amount of time I seem to have on my hands these days, I'm going to put some time and effort into doing something useful with this domain. Learn some new tools, archive some stuff, make some pretty webpages. Here goes.

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